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“Ben Gold is a fabulous Physical Therapist, He is most knowledgeable, professional, and most important he is caring of his patients. I found it not only helpful to have him work with me after a knee replacement where he enabled me to recover at a rapid speed, but he is a delightful person to spend time with. I recommend him highly.”

Susan G

“When I first saw my doctor, he explained that I would need physical therapy for the pain I was having in my knees and I thought, what good would that do to help with my knee pains?”

M. Mendoza

Ankle and knee pain are no more! Just a few appts with HPT NYC and I’ve never felt better. I only wish I went sooner. Very professional and experienced. Thanks again Ben.

Josh V

I had a sore shoulder and upper back. Ben was professional and clearly had lots of experience. After a few sessions with HPT, my pain was gone and has not returned.

Joshua M

I am a concert pianist and was experiencing shoulder and arm pain. I had a number of concerts to play and my doctor recommended Ben Gold. With Ben’s great knowledge, expertise, and patience, I was able to play all the concerts and feel better than I have in years. Recently, my wife was hit by a bus, suffered many serious fractures, and was for many weeks incapacitated (four of those in ICU). Ben began physical therapy with my wife, and he has made it possible for her to go from being totally dependent to being able to function as a normal person again (in half the time her doctors expected). What Ben did was miraculous! My wife Pat and I will always feel grateful to him. Ben, we thank you from our hearts. Without your help, our lives would not be the same.

Horacio Gutierrez
Virtuoso Concert Pianist

Ben, I can’t thank you enough for getting me back to normal. I’ve worked with other therapy clinics in the past and although they were effective, I wouldn’t say exceptional, which is where I would rank you.

George T
Financial Advisor